“It is here where you open wine with a smile because the price is fantastic and the wine even more so!”

The Worcester Wine and Olive Route offer a wonderful experience in a friendly, charming world full of authentic humour and people who like smiling. Here you will discover the wine is superb and a true delight. The old adage “to be as nice as pie” is true on this route, and that is how we treat all our visitors to our wonderful valley!

To reach Worcester from Cape Town, you travel over the Du Toitskloof Mountains or through the Huguenot Tunnel. It may sound like a long way, but in reality, it is only an hour and a few minutes from Cape Town. A well-known fairy tale tells of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well, on the Worcester Wine and Olive Route you are travelling along with us on all the colours and shades of the rainbow, collecting an entire chest of treasures on the way.

Discover the Worcester wine and olive treasures. Come and visit us in the beautiful Breederiver Valley and be sure that the Worcester Wine and Olive Route will be a find that will pleasantly surprise you.

Let’s tell you a bit more about our wine … Some wine connoisseurs will be able to write books about a single glass of wine. Others will just say that it tastes very good, be still and enjoy the moment. The purpose of wine-making is to deliver a product that can be enjoyed.

The Worcester Wine and Olive Route offer wine for the connoisseur, the collector and the person who enjoys every sip of it. Cellars on the Route offer the best muscadel, wooded Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and red wine blends. Then there are those wines where you open the bottle with a big smile because the price is fantastic and the wine even more than fantastic!

If you had the time, you would sit on your veranda and enjoy a cold, fresh Sauvignon Blanc or a flavoursome Rosé every day – with or without friends. The Worcester Wine and Olive Route offer kaleidoscope of delightful taste experiences at 12 wine cellars, while Willow Creek Olive Estate offers an olive experience comparable to the best in the world.

Come, enjoy fresh air, and exercise in the Worcester countryside. Our mountain bike- and hiking trails will take you through the vineyards and countryside with great views of the surrounding mountains…. followed by a wine tasting and something to eat at our beautiful cellars and restaurants.

What are you waiting for let us go on a wanderlust of exploration and discovery…

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